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18 Little Things You Can Do For Shabbat

Ideas for Celebrating!

  1. Invite friends.
  2. Ask guests to prepare a Shabbat blessing, song, or story.
  3. Set a special table for Shabbat dinner.
  4. Use a special tablecloth.
  5. Arrange fresh flowers in your home.
  6. Polish the silver.
  7. Pour a nice wine.
  8. Bake or buy a challah.
  9. Give thanks for the blessings of the week.
  10. Light special candles.
  11. Read a Shabbat prayer…then read it again.
  12. Say blessings over the wine and challah.
  13. Sing some nice songs.
  14. Listen to the quiet peace of a dinner at home…without phone, TV, or radio.
  15. Take a Shabbat walk.
  16. Be open to moments of wonder, of soulful encounter.
  17. Pause for a moment as Shabbat ends on Saturday night. Sing havdalah !
  18. Look forward to the next week’s Shabbat celebration.

Celebrate Shabbat at Home

Celebrating shabbat at home with family and friends creates a warm and wonderful end to your week. Saying or singing blessings over family, candles, wine and challah helps make it sacred. Enjoy this guide from Larchmont Temple, NY. Shabbat Shalom!

Observing Shabbat at Home (PDF, 62k)